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Full Version: How to Boost Ranking Without Backlinks in Google?
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How can we boost ranking without backlinks because it is hard to get backlinks from our niche blogs. The bloggers are charging money to give backlinks.

Is social bookmarking good or directory submission helps in rank boosting?

Please share some more information about how can we get easy backlinks and boost ranking in Google SERP Huh
Link Building is one of the most important factors for ranking in Google’s SERPs. But there are some other factors except back linking which can help you to get better traffic and better results at the Google SERPs. I will explain each and every factor that has helped me to get more traffic to my blog. You need not be an expert to do this thing, just simply do it.

Look for the keywords with high search Volume and Low competition
Use Keyword Density with latent semantic indexing (LSI)
Use a unique and good Title
Try to use Long-Tail Keywords always
Use Google Alerts for New Information.
Use of Google Trends
Reference URL's