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Full Version: Role of subdomains and forum backlinks
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[COLOR="Red"][SIZE="5"][FONT="Book Antiqua"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Here we will discuss about Role of Sub-Domains and Backlinks made from Forums Please take part in this discussion to help others[/FONT][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

I've read on different blogs That sub domains do really help index better in search engines like google but it's a big hassle to manage to websites and keeping content updated for both of em.......


On other hand blogers seems to be dislike forum backlinks as they say they might be harmful to website as if forum admin using blackhat techniques it can harm you but on other side a top ranked blogger [URL=""]Servando Silva[/URL] says that forum backlinks sure boost rankings if they are from good PR forums and also number of forums are you join more boost you get
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